The importance of responsible management practices for our natural water ways, wetlands and broader area watersheds has become a focal point for almost every community in the Great Lakes Region.

Stream restoration and wetlands projects should not be viewed simply as Heavy Civil Construction or Earthwork.

Our natural waterways are the original "Bio-Cells". ​Construction work in these living environments demands one of the highest levels of contracting experience. Forty thousand pound machines in delicate surroundings can easily become tools of destruction.

King Environmental has the experience, knowledge, training and specialized operating protocols needed to perform Stream and Wetlands work responsibly.  

Wetlands & Stream Restoration

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Wetlands, Stream restoration , Riparian corridor                                                                     

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  • Splash Pool, Step Falls, Oxygen Saturation Structures 
  • Fish and Wildlife Habitat Restoration
  • CESWI Certified Inpsector
  • Dam Construction/Repair
  • Water Quality Doser Construction/Installation                       
  • RSL and Synthetic Basin Liners
  • Selective Species Clearing
  • Custom Designed and Fabricated "Wet Site" Equipment



  • Wetland Mitigation Construction
  • Stream Restoration
  • Bioretention Basins
  • Riparian Corridor Revegitation 
  • Cross Vane Structures
  • Hydraulic & Mechanical Dredging
  • SWPP Development & Permitting
  • Natural and Armored Channelization
  • Streambank Stabilization and Slip Repair

Ohio Stream Restoration and Wetlands Construction

" King Environmental Group has pioneered the use of highly specialized contracting methods and equipment to minimize impacting these delicate environments. When you need a highway built hire a highway contractor. When your natural water resources need help hire the professionals at King Environmental Group."

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